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Zonker Strips

Zonker strips for fly tying come in a range of types and colours, Rabbit zonker strips are perhaps the most popular selling although the mink are said to be smoother through the water.

Model: CC28
Fly Tying Zonker strips this material is wonderfully effective at portraying Fry patterns.Otherwise known as Mohican Zonker StripsRabbit is cut in 4mm wide strips with soft fibres approximately 30-40mm long...
Ex Tax:£1.88
Model: CC
Lightweight synthetic zonkers, shed water easily which improves casting and presentation but perform just as well as natural zonker in the water.Veniard Brand Roughly 50cm long ..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: CC23
Fly Tying Zonker strips made from rabbit fur. Available in a choice of colours and are pre-cut approx 3 linear ft. The obvious choice for making the traditional Zonker Fishing Fly..
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: CC30
These fly tying zonker strips are made from mink fur. The Mink Zonker strips are the traditional fly tying material for the "minkie fly" a choice of colours are available on these mink zonker strips...
Ex Tax:£4.83
These fluffy tapered tails offer superb swimming movement when in water, great for large predator patterns, easy to tie. 3 pieces per packetMedium 15cm..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Model: CC29
These super fly tying zonker strips are a stunning addition to the zonker strips available. A bold barring across the whole strip, various colours available...
Ex Tax:£5.21
Model: BB88
A new dimension in rabbit zonker strips. Holographics in contrasting colours are fused to the skin side of the zonker to add an irresistible flash to this popular product.COLOURS AVAILABLE: BLACK HOLOGRAPHIC SILVERCHARTREUSE HOLOGRAPHIC GOLDWHITE HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOWOLIVE HOLOGRAPHIC GOLD..
Ex Tax:£5.21
Model: CC27
These fly tying zonker strips are cut slightly thicker than normal, a good chunky lure for the bigger fish. The magnum zonker strips come in a range of colours...
Ex Tax:£5.42
Pine Squirrel Micro Zonker
-35 %
Model: Q21
Pine Squirrel Zonker strips, approximately 2mm zonker strips are cut through these wonderfully soft skins. Available in Natural, Olive, Orange, Chartreuse & Black..
£19.99 £30.99
Ex Tax:£16.66
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