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This section of flies is dedicated to those that work best in the spring months of March, April and May, split by type of water. Right at the start of the fishing season, those warm spring evenings are great for trout fishing.

Please note these flies are recommended for (but not limited to!) temperate regions, particularly the UK. 

Model: 809/4
The mighty midge trout fly, the imitative still water anglers 'bread and butter' fly, is a fish-catcher supreme, but how many river fly-fishers use this brilliant fly in its various stages especially in micro-sizes . How many occasions do we go to the river bank and see fish rising. The usual train ..
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Model: 801-6
Black booby hopper trout fishing fly, a popular choice all year, predominantly they are used in the Autumn months when we associate the hoppers being around but to be honest similar to daddy long legs they just work! You can use them in both still or choppy waters, very versatile..
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