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A selection of fly tying braids, some innovative products.

Model: B16
Pearl braid for fly tying, creates a scale like body on your streamer fishing flies. The pearl braid comes in a choice of colours, check out also the holographic fly tying braid...
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: TH12
Braided pearl fibres create a fantastic scale like body on streamer flies. Contains no holographic fibres...
Ex Tax:£3.33
Model: TH11
Fly Tying Holographic Braid a new twist on holographic tinsel. Holographic tinsel has been braided to form this sparkling new fly tying body material...
Ex Tax:£3.33
Model: TH55-CUP
4 meter lengths of this stunning flat braid by Semperfli, great colours..
Ex Tax:£3.75
Model: MCP7
Mixed colours on these carded sets of Pearl Braid, great value for money, Pearl, Yellow,Orange,Pink and Purple..
Ex Tax:£5.17
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