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Synthetic Flash Materials

Flash materials for fly tying are an essential especially if you are making trout catching lures, the flash materials are generally used as an enhancer on the tail of the fly although some of them will act as a body sparkle as well

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Model: MARA
The original flash material for wings and tails.A few strands will enhance the attractiveness of any fly.Smooth metalised polyester...
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Hackle Flash
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Model: AA15
Hackle flash is a thread based hackle for fly tying. The Hackle Flash Enables uniform hackle winding. Very bright colours are available and a popular seller..
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Model: AA9
A highly reflective pearl flash material for making your fishing flies, really reflects the light, great for any tail or wing that needs a bit more bling...
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Holographic is the ultimate flash material. It is ideal as an added material in wings or at the sides of bodies.Available in the following colours (17cm hank per pack): Blue Chartreuse Gold Pink Red Silver..
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Model: MULTI
An exciting blend of various colours of Maraflash and holographic.Available in the following colours (15cm hank per pack):BlueChartreuseGoldPeacockRedSilver..
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Ripple Flash
-16 %
Model: AA14
Ripple flash is a fantastic holographic material for fly tying, creates a great sparkle. Having an in built holographic effect which results in a constant light moving along the length of this popular fly tying material. Use single strands of the ripple flash to provide tinsel bodies on the trout fl..
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Super Stretch Hackle
-36 %
Model: AA10
Super Stretch Hackle Material. Pearl lurex strands have been combined with strands of Super Stretch Floss on to a fringe to create this wonderfully mobile and flashy hackle 2 sizes and 6 colours..
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UV Krystal Flash
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Model: clear
Krystal flash in UV colours has added another dimension to this popular product...
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Voodoo Fibres
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Model: Voo-Do
Fine strands have been barred with black to give that extra illusion of movement that all fish love...
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Model: AA4
Solid coloured Krystal flash has been transforming flies for years...
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Model: AA6
Crystal Mirror flash is mirror flash twisted, a great winging material as well as perfect for the tails especially in the marabou flies. The light reflecting qualities in the Crystal Mirror Flash are unbelievable...
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Model: AA11
Krinkle Flash is basically Mirror flash that's been creased along its length to give its a segmented effect.The Crinkle effect on the Mirror Flash exaggerates the reflective qualities of an already vibrant fly tying material. Available in a choice of colours...
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