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Loose feathers and quills

Fly tying feathers, loose feathers for all sorts of fly tying needs for hackles and wings when making fishing flies

A wide range of hackles in natural and dyed colours for use in all types of flies. The select hackles are best for smaller trout flies...
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Model: turcdc
CDC Fly tying feathers, Soft, water repellent feather from a duck's oil gland. These low cost packs of Cul De Canard from Turrall provide an economical purchase for those tying a wider range of flies. Contain an average of 20 pieces of CDC per pac..
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Model: F25
Toucan feathers for fly tying, a useful feather for salmon patterns and bringing brightness, these feathers are a very close substitute to the toucan. ..
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Ibis Substitute
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Model: BB42
In the 1800′s there were no restrictions on the types of bird plumage and feathers that could be used for fly tying. Scarlet Ibis was just one of the exotic birds whose feathers were used for fly tying creating a the wet fly of the same name. A good number of other patterns also used the wing or bod..
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Model: J28
Indian crow fly tying feathers are used in Fly Tying as a Red Crow Substitute...
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Model: CC24
These Hackle Quill feathers make fly tying easy, 15 Cock Hackle stems stripped and ready for use. Make beautiful dry fly and nymph bodies without the fuss and the fiddle. Various colours available in these hackle quills..
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Model: BB54
Mallard duck quills fly tying feathers used for the wing on the Butcher fly these wing quills will do the job...
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Model: BB38
Hackle Fly Tying Feathers in a wide range of colours. These hackle feathers contain a variety of sizes of fly tying feathers and are an option rather than purchasing an expensive cape1 gram packets are all dyed on pure white hackle, 2 gram packets are all dyed on colour extracted hackle...
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Schlappen Feathers
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Model: H2
Schlappen Fly Tying Feathers. These fly tying Hackles come from between the Saddle and tail of the rooster. Schlappen Feathers are long and wide and a good choice for classic salmon or saltwater flies...
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Model: BB45
Mallard duck classic quills are available in a packet of 10. The Mallard Duck Feathers are used on many traditional and modern dry flies..
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Model: BB22
Fly tying feathers from the mallard hen. These Fly Tying Feathers are available in Flank or Breast feathers...
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Model: BED4
Crow wings for fly tying feathers, complete pair from this bird..
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