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Fly Fishing Rods, a great range to choose from in the fly rod section from a budget starter rod to top quality fly rods by Wychwood and snowbee

Model: A1003/4/5
An ideal fly rod range that offers exceptional value for money without compromising on performanceSlim light responsive blanksMiddle to tip actionFull wells cork handleLightweight snakeguidesSuplied with cloth bagKeeper ringDirect from the supplier please allow a little extra time for delivery..
Ex Tax:£33.33
Model: A0580
NOT AVAILABLE FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERYCombining an elegant design with cutting-edge technology and modern manufacturing processes this new FLOW range of rods is designed to fulfil the needs of the modern fly fisher.The range utilises the latest rod-building technologies and modern, fly fishing techniqu..
Ex Tax:£41.66
Model: 607613
The strong, lightweight Fairplay 8ft fly rods feature a 4 piece composite blank and are fitted with a hook keeper.  The 5/6 WT rod can be perfectly matched with our 5/6 WT Fairplay Pre-loaded graphite matrix composite reel, and is ideal for Trout, Pan fish and Bass.  The 8/9 WT rod is fitt..
Ex Tax:£54.16
Model: ROD9
The Snowbee Classic Fly Rod range has proved as popular with customers just starting out in fly fishing as they have for those just looking for a great rod at an affordable price. Fast action blanks, generate high line speed for maximum distance Lined stripper rings, high lift snake interm..
Ex Tax:£60.83
A fab combo if you're just starting out. At this fantastic price you will get the following:Profil Stillwater Rod LA fly reel Troutflies floating line with attached backingTroutflies tapered leader Slimline water tight box including 40 popular trout fliesChoose your rod size and we wi..
Ex Tax:£74.99
These stunning new Truefly T2 rods offer a significant leap forwards in terms of performance and design. The blanks are very slim and lightweight which makes them a great choice no matter which fishing application they are used for. Unlike a lot of new rods the action of the T2 is smooth, a middle t..
Ex Tax:£83.33
Model: SETUP
A complete set up including everything you need to get you started. Includes all of the below, this kit would set you back £150 if bought separately. Can be bought in different rod weights, the line, leader and reel supplied will suit the rod chosen to give a full balanced set up. Profil Fly Ro..
Ex Tax:£112.49
Model: ROD10
This new Drift range of Wychwood fly rods has been designed specifically with the modern river angler in mind.Produced using super-fine grades of carbon, these lightweight and slim line fly rods feature an action that suits all styles of river fishing. Rather than the overly stiff rods of yesteryear..
Ex Tax:£116.66
Model: VTO4937
THE ULTIMATE ENTRY-LEVEL FLY ROD OF ALL TIMEThe Vision Toka fly rod series offers outstanding performance at an entry-level price point! These fly fishing rods deliver an incredible combination of power and action never seen in this price range. The blanks are crafted from 24-ton low-resin graphite,..
Ex Tax:£124.99
Model: ROD5
The new PATH rod is a smooth-casting, medium-fast action graphite fly rod, offering classic performance for all levels of anglers. 7 weights and above feature a full-wells grip with anodised aluminium reel seat that is ready for salt or fresh water conditions.FEATURESAll water, medium- fast action r..
Ex Tax:£133.33
Snowbee Diamond fly rods have been a top seller for over 25 years, its evolved with time and incorporates the very latest thinking in fly rod design and technology. The rods retain the same crisp middle to tip action of the original design and represent excellent value for money for a rod of this qu..
Ex Tax:£145.83
Model: ROD6
The new RS2 series follow on from the highly acclaimed RS range, this new series has been created to surpasses the overall feel and performance of our best selling rods, at the same time offering exceptional value for money!Having been specifically designed to offer more power without impacting on t..
Ex Tax:£183.33
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