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We are constantly sourcing new products for fly tying, different brands, slight twist here and there, check this section for our latest additions

Model: FB
Our Bleached Peacock Eyes give a new look to buzzer and fly bodies with enhanced colour.We take the natural eye and bleach all the colour out of it, then dye them so they accept a strong, more vibrant colour.This base bleached dye is brilliant for buzzer bodies and gives a strong pale white colour.E..
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Model: MST
Micro Squirmy Tails are exactly the same as our standard Squirmy Legs but cut into short 20mm tails with round moulded ends, making them ideal for Catbugs. These are available in 4 ultra bright fluorescent colours...
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Model: SLB
Squirmy Legs are ultra-elastic latex legs designed with the small water anglers in mind. They are 3mm tubular legs which are completely limp yet come alive in the water. The trout love them.  10 x 15cm lengths per packet5 colours in stock, more available by request - please contact us to arrang..
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Model: MGCF
Gel Core Micro Body is an ultra-slim Fritz at only 0.8mm fibre length. The material is built on our classic Gel Core meaning it won’t fall apart when tying. The material is extremely versatile and can be used for everything from lure to nymph bodies. 8 colours in stock, if you would like any others ..
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Model: HDQ
High Definition Quills are manufactured on wafer thin vinyl and cut to 1.3mm width with detailed gradient print for a more realistic pattern on buzzers & nymph bodies...
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Model: GCF
Gel Core Fritz 15mm is purpose designed for flytying – not some second rate material from the textile trade.  With Gel Core fritz we addressed key problems with the vast majority of fritz – the core doesn’t accept dye and the material falls apart when tying. Featuring our Gel Core, which h..
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Model: UVGCF
UV Gel Core Fritz 15mm from Flybox features added mobile-flex UV fibres to add a subtle UV sparkle to the material. Built on Flybox’s revolutionary ‘Gel-Core’ the material is incredibly easy to work with and won’t split or fray from the core. There are many types of fritz out there, but only Fl..
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Model: FLX
Bi-Colour Fritz is a brand new Fritz which has a stunning 2-tone effect.  This is achieved by having one non-dyeable coloured fibre in the mix.  In the case of the Tiger Blend it features non dyeable orange fibres. That means you get the classic, and much sought after Yellow/Orange Blend w..
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Model: FLX
Eggstasy is a revolutionary product for tying egg-flies. Flexstacy is a brand new variant complete with spandex legs Unlike standard egg-yarn, which involves spinning yarn, Eggstasy is built on a core which means you can simply tie it like a chenille. The other huge difference that sets Eggstasy apa..
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Model: MSD
NEW Micro Seal Dub is the ultimate dubbing for wet flies – made with a new Micro-Denier Synthetic Fibre, it not only dubs effortlessly, but also rakes out easily to create the perfect textured effect on your fly.   The fibre is highly receptive to dyeing and therefore can be dyed into exac..
Ex Tax:£3.96
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