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Dubbing Materials

Fly Tying Dubbing materials in a range of brands, colours etc. The dubbing can be purchased in individual packets or in the popular dispenser boxes which give you a little bit of each colour.

Micro Brite Dubbing Thread
-41 %
Model: EE5
The micro brite fly tying dubbing thread is a superb fine metallic chenille with many applications. A vibrant Fly Tying Chenille in a choice of colours Available in 2 sizes 2 Metres..
£1.29 £2.20
Ex Tax:£1.08
Hemingways Czech Nymph Dubbing SELECTED COLOURS
-36 %
Model: SURP
Czech Nymph Dubbing – ideal for use on Czech nymph flies. Great body material...
£1.75 £2.75
Ex Tax:£1.46
Model: EE11
A fine, soft Hare’s Ear mixture, essential for making the fur bodies of many Trout flies.This is an easy fur to dub and creates great bodies.Available in the following colours (1gr per pack):..
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: EE9
Nymph Dubbing for fly tying from Turrall.Provides a lustrous, medium texture dubbing material used extensively by fly tyers for nymphs and other sinking patterns...
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: EE10
Antron Fly Tying Dubbing is a Great Value soft and translucent synthetic dubbing material, wide variety of flies take this dubbing, popular seller. The Antron Dubbing is available in a choice of colours and can also be purchased as a dispenser box of antron dubbing...
Ex Tax:£1.71
Model: DD19
A natural hair specialy selected by us for its Seal like qualities...
Ex Tax:£1.79
SLF (Synthetic Living Fibre) Dubbing
-35 %
Model: CLEAR
Fly Tying Dubbing devised by Davy Wotton this SLF Dubbing comes in a choice of 48 colours. Also available in Dispensers..
£2.50 £3.85
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: F3
This hares Ear fly tying dubbing is a soft twisted hares ear and is perfect for making nymph trout flies, comes in a selection of colours...
Ex Tax:£2.17
Model: DCN
Czech Nymph Dubbing – ideal for use on Czech nymph flies. Great body material...
Ex Tax:£2.29
Model: D-DH
Deer Hair Dubbing makes life easy, used for so may patterns and a range of colours to get the perfect fly...
Ex Tax:£2.29
Model: KAP
Kapok Dubbing Adams is the ultimate in dubbing for your fishing flies as it is very buoyant – indeed it is known as life jackets for flies! Kapok is a natural hollow fibre that when Kapok Dubbing Adams is dubbed into split thread it retains its buoyancy and will help your dry flies float better than..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: DD13
Soft fur with exceptionally long guard hackles. The blue under fur is excellent for dry patterns..
Ex Tax:£2.79
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