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Floss and Yarns

Fly tying yarn and floss materials for making fishing flies, comes in a range of products to choose from for making bodies stand out on your flies, Ice yarn, glo bug yarn, to name a few of these branded materials

Uni Floss
-37 %
Model: TH16
This fly tying floss from Uni is a super quality single strand floss. The Uni Floss is a blend of nylon and rayon and is strong and shiney. The Uni Fly Tying Floss comes in a wide colour range..
£1.25 £1.99
Ex Tax:£1.04
Model: W1
Antron Body Yarn is often used as a heavy shiny floss on larger trout flies or split for use on smaller fishing flies flies, a good versatile material Antron Body Yarn comes in a range of colours...
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: W5
This fly tying yarn is very popular for sight stumps, wings or tails.available in a choice of colours..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: TH17
Glo Brite Fly tying floss comes in 16 colours, 25 yard per spool, devised by Tom Saville it remains one of the most popular fly tying flosses on today's market...
Ex Tax:£1.33
Model: TH18
Glo Brite Multi Yarn for fly tying is available in 25 yard spools, The Original range devised by Tom Saville, great colour choice..
Ex Tax:£1.42
Semperfli Floss
-39 %
Model: CLEAR
This fly tying floss from Semperfli, 25 metresn choice of colours..
£1.99 £3.25
Ex Tax:£1.66
Lustrous fibres of continuous filament providing an easy to use winging material. Excellent for Spinners and Parachute patterns. Also very useful for saltwater crab body patterns...
Ex Tax:£1.88
Model: B23
A water resistant and buoyant yarn, perfect for wings and posts on dry flies...
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: W2
Glo Bug Egg Yarn is a soft fluffy yarn produced for egg fly tying pattern. The Egg Yarn comes in the perfect colour range for the egg flies...
Ex Tax:£2.25
Ice Yarn
-39 %
Model: CLEAR
Fly Tying Ice Yarn is a super fly tying material for lure and nymph fly bodies. Tease out the Ice yarn to form shimmering wings and tails for both trout and salmon flies.  A Fly Tying material which Chops and dubs great. Choice of colours available 2 metre length..
£2.75 £4.50
Ex Tax:£2.29
Super Stretch Hackle
-52 %
Model: clear
Super Stretch Hackle Material. Pearl lurex strands have been combined with strands of Super Stretch Floss on to a fringe to create this wonderfully mobile and flashy hackle 2 sizes and 6 colours..
£2.99 £6.25
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: TH39-ISLAND
This Super stretch fly tying floss or Flexi floss type product offers amazing value. The Flexi Floss from Uni is easy to use and slightly wider than the super stretch floss. A good colour range available in this lovely fly tying flexi floss from Uni...
Ex Tax:£2.67
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