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Fly fishing is dependent on your fly choice, sometimes it is hard to identify which ones you want in your fly box, although we can suggest various flies it is important to remember that the slightest change in temperature, light rain or shine can make a big difference so its important to have a good selection available. Traditional trout fishing is about matching the hatch and remember to look at what the trout themselves are feeding on naturally as you can then find a good copy in your fly box.

Each season is split into: 
Still water - includes recommended trout flies for trout farms/fisheries, reservoirs and lakes 
Rivers - includes recommended trout flies for upstream and downstream fishing 
Lochs - includes recommended flies for Scottish Lochs

An important tip to remember: Always have a look at the natural fly life on and around the water you are fishing, this is what the trout will be feeding on and what you are trying to imitate

Please note these flies are recommended for (but not limited to!) temperate regions, particularly the UK.