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Fly Tying Foam

Fly tying foam for making bug bodies and booby fishing flies,both the plasterzote foam and the closed cell foam are top sellers,try it on the suspender buzzer trout flies.

A thin fly tying foam.  but strong 2mm dense foam. Suitable for forming insect bodies as seen on Chernobyl Ants.85 sqcm patch..
Ex Tax:£1.88
Model: W9
This fly tying foam is used to create bodies on Ants, Beetles and other detached floating bodies. The Fly Tying Foam is 1.9mm thick and is available in a choice of colours..
Ex Tax:£1.96
Model: W7
Foam Cylinders for making your fishing flies, another great idea, these perfectly formed foam fly tying cylinders. Great for detached bodies 10 cylinders per packet...
Ex Tax:£3.04
Model: N
This fly tying foam is a high density plastazote block. Perfect for booby eyes and detached bodies.The blocks are supplied individually and measure approx. 15cm x 7cm x 2.6cm..
Ex Tax:£3.54
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