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Chenilles and Fritz

All the popular fly tying Fritz and chenille's, Suede, Cactus chenille, Antron, Micro chenille's. The variation on these now is intense with so many products on the market the choices we have available is a great range from this popular fly tying product. Cactus chenille also known as fly tying fritz is a great fly tying material for getting a great sparkle on the body of the fly

Micro Brite Dubbing Thread
-41 %
Model: EE5
The micro brite fly tying dubbing thread is a superb fine metallic chenille with many applications. A vibrant Fly Tying Chenille in a choice of colours Available in 2 sizes 2 Metres..
£1.29 £2.20
Ex Tax:£1.08
Fly Box Small Gummy Chenille - 3mm
-33 %
Model: FBGC
Our new Smaller Sized Gummy Chenille is made specifically for competition flies (both Lake and smallwater).   Use it for striking hotspot bodies on pulling mini lures – or for legs on worm patterns.   It can be even be used on river flies such as caddis styles.   Availa..
£1.99 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.66
4 mm diameter. 2 metres long. Twice the density of fibres. Bonded for extra strength and with a twinkle of pearl tinsel. A massive improvement over conventional chenille...
Ex Tax:£1.88
Lite Brite Dubbing
-46 %
Model: EE8
Lite Brite Fly Tying Dubbing is a pearlised tinsel thats fine enough to be dubbed straight onto the hook resulting in flies that shine and glisten in the water. Lite Brite Dubbing can also be combined with natural furs to give flies,nymphs and pupae shining highlights that prove attractive to the tr..
£2.29 £4.25
Ex Tax:£1.91
Easy Dub Micro Chenille
-23 %
Model: D3
Easy Dub is a fantastic fly tying material, a super fly tying chenille, the easy way to produce a fine dubbed body effect. The colours on the micro dub chenille can be blended by twisting 2 or more different shades together. 1.5 metre pack. Good colour choice...
£2.49 £3.25
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: AA1
Cactus fly tying Chenille is a dazzling body material spun on thread core. Big, bushy fly tying chenille that provides a brilliant subsurface attraction. With pearlescent fibers which make it sparkle for lots of flash, colour and action. This fly tying chenille comes in a range of colours, two sizes..
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: AA95
Perfect for a wide range of standard or mini lures including Montanas. The colour range on this suede chenille is amazing. 4m of material per pack. Machine dyed for the perfect colour every time..
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: AA3
Turbo translucent fly tying chenille is the original Blob chenille. Purely translucent strands. This fly tying chenille is available in 5 hot colours and black.2m card..
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: mm
Perfect for tying the ever popular Mop Flies! Choose the colour and diameter you want  140cm ..
Ex Tax:£2.13
Model: TH9
Micro cactus fly tying chenille is an extremely fine 0.8mm diameter spooled pearl cactus chenille. Great for hotspots, thorax’s and bodies on small flies. 3m Length. This fly tying chenille comes in a range of colours and is spooled for easy use...
Ex Tax:£2.17
Model: UVSO
12mm long fibres. 2 metres long. A great makeover of this popular material...
Ex Tax:£2.21
Glister Sparkle Dubbing
-35 %
Model: CLEAR
This is a really eye catching fly tying dubbing, flash and sparkle abundance with a variety of colours to chose from, fly tyers dream. The Glister Sparkle Fly Tying Dubbing can be used on its own or mixed with a natural dubbing to give an extra sparkle. The Glister sparkle dubbing is also available ..
£2.75 £4.25
Ex Tax:£2.29
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