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Bodys, Wings, Legs and Tails

A selection of valuable fly tying bodys wings and tails, braid, ready formed wings, rubber legs for those little grubs etc includes the micro rubber legs and ready made hopper legs, even ready made fly tying wings

X Rib, mylar braid
-34 %
Model: CLEAR
X Rib is a very fine fly tying mylar piping comes in a choice of colours  and is supplied in 2.4metre lengths. X Rib is a super product for ribs on large saltwater and predator flies..
£0.99 £1.50
Ex Tax:£0.83
Model: Q5
Sawyers Bug replica developed for us in Germany. As close to the original sawyers nymph wool as possible...
Ex Tax:£1.42
UV Film
-38 %
Model: CLEAR
An ultra reflective UV Film, Perfect for Shell Backs, Wings, Fins & Tails...
£1.75 £2.80
Ex Tax:£1.46
Fly Box Small Gummy Chenille - 3mm
-33 %
Model: FBGC
Our new Smaller Sized Gummy Chenille is made specifically for competition flies (both Lake and smallwater).   Use it for striking hotspot bodies on pulling mini lures – or for legs on worm patterns.   It can be even be used on river flies such as caddis styles.   Availa..
£1.99 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.66
Heminways Flash Back Foil
-33 %
Model: HWFBF
Hemingway’s Flash Back Foil is a 3D, shimmering, semi-translucent foil that takes on a whole new level of color and gives a new meaning to the term flash back foil it is literally heads and tails above the rest...
£1.99 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: GG51
Fluorescent pom-poms with fibres of Maraflash.Krystal Eggs are simple to thread on to a hook and maintain in position with superglue.Can easily and quickly be used to produce very attractive bodies.Available in an assorted colour pack – 10 pieces per pack...
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: B16
Pearl braid for fly tying, creates a scale like body on your streamer fishing flies. The pearl braid comes in a choice of colours, check out also the holographic fly tying braid...
Ex Tax:£1.66
4 mm diameter. 2 metres long. Twice the density of fibres. Bonded for extra strength and with a twinkle of pearl tinsel. A massive improvement over conventional chenille...
Ex Tax:£1.88
A pure latex sheet.Available in a variety of colours which may be easily cut to form bodies and wingcases...
Ex Tax:£1.88
Model: TH38-ISLAND
Uni Mylar a translucent body wrap that is great for buzzers,shellbacks etc. Takes all the hassle out of cutting up poly bags.Medium #14 only ..
Ex Tax:£1.96
Model: B15
Fly Tying Latex Sheet approx 170cm square. Streches, cuts, wraps and can be coloured with pantone pens. This latex material has a wide range of uses for fly tying...
Ex Tax:£2.00
Model: LF1
Fly tying Lead foil strip.15mm deep lead strip. ideal for building up smooth profiled underbodies.Ex Fine 1mm wideStandard 2mm wide..
Ex Tax:£2.25
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