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Strike Indicators

Strike indicators for fly fishing, make it so much easier for fly fishing when the fish strike, sometimes our eyes are not as good as they should be and the strike indicators really help.

Model: OSI
These strike indicators are considerably lighter than other foam indicators, they float high and have great viability. Aerodynamically shaped they cause less wind resistance when casting. Easy to use and available in packs of 6..
Ex Tax:£2.71
Model: PP8
High Visibilty purpose made strike indicators. 5 pieces mounted on a very easy to use threader...
Ex Tax:£3.33
Model: K2554
These self-adhesive foam strike indicators are highly visible and have excellent buoyancy. They have a self-adhesive backing - simply fold over a fly line to attach. One sheet contains 32 indicators...
Ex Tax:£3.74
Model: 664036
Cortland hi-vis orange / yellow strike indicators are easily attached and removed from your leader. Use the tooth pick to secure indicator to leader and for easy depth adjustment.  4 per pack..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Model: K2556
Quick change sight indicators that can be put onto an already assembled leaderColourMulticolour..
Ex Tax:£4.16
A new and exciting attachment from Thingamabobbers with a unique way to attach to your leader. The locking mechanism keeps the indicator where you want it and adds a 90 degree option to your fishing. Easy to cast and buoyant.Small 5/8", Medium 7/8", Large 1 1/8"..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Model: J0610
Frog Hair Strike Indicators incorporate a quick and easy line threading system that allows for fast, strategic and secure adjustments on all knotless leaders. With the Frog Hair Strike Indicator, the fisherman simply grabs the indicator and slides it into the desired position, lets go, and continues..
Ex Tax:£5.21
Model: LBIO
Synthetic yarn strike indicator will float forever.30cm length in plastic tub dispenser...
Ex Tax:£5.83
Model: LST
Extra buoyant strike out for heavy nymphs & strong turbulent currents, available in Orange or Yellow.30cm, 1/4” dia...
Ex Tax:£5.83
Model: LBIO
A putty indicator that makes adjusting the depth and size of indicator simple. Beyond that, it is reusable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. BioStrike can be rolled in a ball with wet fingers and applied anywhere on a leader, then removed and placed back in the container.FEATURES..
Ex Tax:£7.49
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