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 SUPERGLO Gordon Griffiths Cobweb Fluorescent Thread 6/0
-33 %
Model: TH22
Gordon Griffiths cobweb fly tying thread in the fluorescent sunburst colours 100m Spools ..
£1.99 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.66
AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FISHING FLIES. By Malcolm Greenhalgh and Jason Smalley
New -33 %
Model: 46726
2009 1st edition. 4to (193 x 253mm). Pp472. Colour photographs by Jason Smalley, pictorial end-papers, bibliography. Pictorial laminated boards.An encyclopaedic guide to the huge range of flies now being used by the modern fly-fisherman, whether they are fishing for the traditional quarry of salmon ..
£20.00 £30.00
Ex Tax:£20.00
Arctic Fox Tails
-44 %
Model: DD21
Arctic Fox Tail Piece, great fly tying product for steelhead and salmon flies, available in a choice of colours..
£2.99 £5.30
Ex Tax:£2.49
Barred Legs (Centipede Legs)
-36 %
Model: CLEAR
Barred rubber legs in 2 really fine sizes. These will add extra movement to any type of pattern.Available in the following barred colours. Brown, Olive, Red, Tan, White & Yellow. Available in Mini approx. ø 0.2mm &Small approx ø 0.4mm..
£2.99 £4.70
Ex Tax:£2.49
Black Straggle Cat
New -49 %
Model: LM ED
The Cats Whisker fly invented by David Train in 1985, this has continued to be a successful pattern. He actually used his cats whiskers to prevent the tail wrapping round the hook, the pattern has been so popular many variants have been born from the original pattern. These straggle ones have a lot ..
£0.30 £0.59
Ex Tax:£0.25
Calf Tails
-33 %
Model: DD29
Calf Tails are great for tying anything from split-wing drys such as Wulffs, to smaller flies requiring finer, more crinkly hair than buck tails. Calf tail hair is available in a range of colours...
£5.99 £8.99
Ex Tax:£4.99
Chinese Cock (cape) Necks
-31 %
Model: BB1
These fly tying cock capes are larger necks with softer hackles. Ideal for wet and salmon flies as well as streamer patterns. Super colour range...
£9.99 £14.50
Ex Tax:£8.33
Cock Pheasant Centre Tails Mixed Packet
-25 %
Model: BB18
A mixed pack of pheasant tails fly tying feathers, 6 pieces of different coloured tail sections including Natural..
£2.99 £3.99
Ex Tax:£2.49
Cock Pheasant Colour Extracted & Dyed Centre Tails
-25 %
Model: Bed3
Pheasant Fly Tying Feathers dyed centre tails. A full center tail from the cock pheasant is bleached to a light buff then dyed. This process produces very bright coloured center tails with out losing the hooks off the fibres which knit the tails together...
£2.70 £3.60
Ex Tax:£2.25
Cortland Nylon Tippet 50yd
-40 %
Model: OO19
Nylon tippet provides high strength and abrasion resistance, low underwater visibility and excellent knot strength for fishing in situations where extreme stealth is required...
£5.99 £9.99
Ex Tax:£4.99
Duck Quills, Winging for Dries
-65 %
Model: H155
Duck quills in a range of colours traditional winging material for dry flies..
£1.49 £4.20
Ex Tax:£1.24
Easy Dub Micro Chenille
-23 %
Model: D3
Easy Dub is a fantastic fly tying material, a super fly tying chenille, the easy way to produce a fine dubbed body effect. The colours on the micro dub chenille can be blended by twisting 2 or more different shades together. 1.5 metre pack. Good colour choice...
£2.49 £3.25
Ex Tax:£2.08
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