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As prices are going up we are looking at how to get better deals for our customers, to do this we will completely change a range from one supplier to another which means we will sell off the stock we have left or just excess stocks to clear.

Take the bargains folks!

X Rib, mylar braid
-34 %
Model: CLEAR
X Rib is a very fine fly tying mylar piping comes in a choice of colours  and is supplied in 2.4metre lengths. X Rib is a super product for ribs on large saltwater and predator flies..
£0.99 £1.50
Ex Tax:£0.83
Micro Brite Dubbing Thread
-41 %
Model: EE5
The micro brite fly tying dubbing thread is a superb fine metallic chenille with many applications. A vibrant Fly Tying Chenille in a choice of colours Available in 2 sizes 2 Metres..
£1.29 £2.20
Ex Tax:£1.08
Hemingways Czech Nymph Dubbing SELECTED COLOURS
-36 %
Model: SURP
Czech Nymph Dubbing – ideal for use on Czech nymph flies. Great body material...
£1.75 £2.75
Ex Tax:£1.46
UV Film
-38 %
Model: CLEAR
An ultra reflective UV Film, Perfect for Shell Backs, Wings, Fins & Tails...
£1.75 £2.80
Ex Tax:£1.46
Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles - 2gm packet OLIVE
-36 %
Model: SURP
Guinea fowl feathers have a wide range of fly tying uses A mixed bag of small, medium and large guinea fowl hackles,  available in several colours. 2 gram packet..
£1.99 £3.10
Ex Tax:£1.66
Mallard Duck Drake Grey Flank Dyed Mixed Sizes SELECTED COLOURS
-34 %
Model: SURP
Mallard duck flank fly tying feathers from the grey drake colours including Summer Duck and Bronze Mallard substitute. Per 2gm packet. Mallard Duck Feathers are one of the most popular fly tying feathers...
£2.25 £3.40
Ex Tax:£1.88
Lite Brite Dubbing
-46 %
Model: EE8
Lite Brite Fly Tying Dubbing is a pearlised tinsel thats fine enough to be dubbed straight onto the hook resulting in flies that shine and glisten in the water. Lite Brite Dubbing can also be combined with natural furs to give flies,nymphs and pupae shining highlights that prove attractive to the tr..
£2.29 £4.25
Ex Tax:£1.91
-33 %
Model: CLEAR
Fly tying floozeyes, Pre-formed bouyant eyes. Originally designed for tying the Booby fishing fly, The Floozeyes come in a choice of colours and sizes, also check out the booby eyesApprox 6 pairs of eyes per pack..
£2.50 £3.75
Ex Tax:£2.08
-37 %
Model: CLEAR
Ostrich herl is used a lot in fly tying, pack contains a piece of a plume of this popular body material, full colour choice available.Please note: Natural Grey is labelled Grey Drab..
£2.50 £3.99
Ex Tax:£2.08
SLF (Synthetic Living Fibre) Dubbing
-35 %
Model: CLEAR
Fly Tying Dubbing devised by Davy Wotton this SLF Dubbing comes in a choice of 48 colours. Also available in Dispensers..
£2.50 £3.85
Ex Tax:£2.08
Glister Sparkle Dubbing
-35 %
Model: CLEAR
This is a really eye catching fly tying dubbing, flash and sparkle abundance with a variety of colours to chose from, fly tyers dream. The Glister Sparkle Fly Tying Dubbing can be used on its own or mixed with a natural dubbing to give an extra sparkle. The Glister sparkle dubbing is also available ..
£2.75 £4.25
Ex Tax:£2.29
Ice Yarn
-39 %
Model: CLEAR
Fly Tying Ice Yarn is a super fly tying material for lure and nymph fly bodies. Tease out the Ice yarn to form shimmering wings and tails for both trout and salmon flies.  A Fly Tying material which Chops and dubs great. Choice of colours available 2 metre length..
£2.75 £4.50
Ex Tax:£2.29
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