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Hair and Fur

Furs and fly tying hair for a great range of uses in fly tying, includes seals fur,mole fur,goat hair rabbit furs loads and loads of different choices and colours in this great range

Model: Q5
Sawyers Bug replica developed for us in Germany. As close to the original sawyers nymph wool as possible...
Ex Tax:£1.42
Grey Squirrel Tail dyed
-50 %
Model: DD30
Grey Squirrel Tails used for fly tying, a good wing/tail material in a choice of colours..
£1.99 £3.99
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: DD28
Stoat tails are used in fly tying for the famous Stoat Salmon fly along with a range of other patterns.This is an ermine tail dyed to represent a stoat tail ..
Ex Tax:£1.66
Model: DD19
A natural hair specialy selected by us for its Seal like qualities...
Ex Tax:£1.79
Model: DD11
Rabbit fur for fly tying is perfect for big sub-surface flies such as zonkers, a really life like material to make your fishing flies, durable and easy to use when making your trout flies..
Ex Tax:£2.25
Arctic Fox Tails
-44 %
Model: DD21
Arctic Fox Tail Piece, great fly tying product for steelhead and salmon flies, available in a choice of colours..
£2.99 £5.30
Ex Tax:£2.49
Hare Masks
-48 %
Model: CLEAR
Hares Masks are a dubbing material for fly tying, very popular with the traditional fly tyers as opposed to the packet varieties. These Hares Masks are available in various colours a good fly tying product to have in your box..
£2.99 £5.80
Ex Tax:£2.49
Patagonian Hares Feet
-43 %
Model: CLEAR
Patagonian hare’s feet have very long, coarse hair, perfect for fly tying when the fly requires parachutes, dubbing and spinning. A great new product from Veniards..
£2.99 £5.25
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: TSF
Silver Fox Fur, Fly TyingAt 8-12 cm in length the Silver Fox is the longest fox tail hair available.Black tipped, superfine, dense and very mobile.Available in Natural – 1gr per pack...
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: turdh
Deer Body Hair for fly tying which has been plain dyed. Multi-coloured heads are possible with this superb dyed hair. Ideal for fry, frog and a multitude of Bass flies...
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: DD13
Soft fur with exceptionally long guard hackles. The blue under fur is excellent for dry patterns..
Ex Tax:£2.79
Model: GP101
Boar Bristles are finely tapered bristles are used for Mayfly tails and on many pig salmon flies, ie pot bellied pigs, or in fact any shrimp and prawn patterns...
Ex Tax:£2.92
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