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Turkey feathers are of course used for lures and streamers, these colourful fly tying feathers are a perfect feather when you need something load and bushy. Also a range of turkey quills which make a great winging material

Strung Turkey Marabou Bloods
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Model: K2
Turkey marabou bloods, fly tying feathers used by many tyers because of their uniform length, with the added bonus of being strung for convenience..
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Ex Tax:£2.49
Turkey Broad quills
-38 %
Model: K3
Turkey quills for fly tying, a variety of colours available in this popular fly tying feather..
£2.99 £4.80
Ex Tax:£2.49
Turkey Marabou
-20 %
Model: K1
Turkey Marabou is the most popular fly-tying feather in use today. Used in all styles, from salt through to still water, for virtually every species that a fly is cast for and in all parts of the world. It’s mobility is now legendary...
£2.99 £3.75
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: H4
5 Popular Colours of Turkey Marabou fly tying feathers a little bit of olive,black,white,orange & Brown for making your favorite lures and streamers..
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Turkey Marabou Barred
-43 %
Model: CC9
These turkey marabou feathers are dyed to give a great barred effect, perfect for damsels and lures...
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Model: CC35
Turkey Biot Fly Tying Feathers, extra large biots, perfect for Large salmon flies or small dries, dyed to match the hatch. These work great for segmented bodies on spinners, dry flies, nymphs, and emergers...
Ex Tax:£3.92
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