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Peacock fly tying feathers are used in loads of fly fishing patterns, the herl is a popular feather as used on the diawl bach fly, The peacock feathers come in a range of colours and are a must have feather for your fly box

Model: FB
Our Bleached Peacock Eyes give a new look to buzzer and fly bodies with enhanced colour.We take the natural eye and bleach all the colour out of it, then dye them so they accept a strong, more vibrant colour.This base bleached dye is brilliant for buzzer bodies and gives a strong pale white colour.E..
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Model: BB53
Peacock eye top fly tying feathers. Cut eye top with herl. The herl from the eye on these beautiful feathers is traditionally used on the Beauly Snow Fly; the herl can be used on numerous bodies. Also used for quill bodiesNatural or Dyed..
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Model: BB35
The peacock blue neck feathers were first used in fly tying as a hackle on the sea trout pattern the goats toe. Per pack of 10..
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Model: BB50
Peacock herl is used for a range of nymph and wet patterns in fly tying. Probably the first fly tying material used by traditional tyers, Used in 100’s of patterns. Available in a great range of colours..
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Model: BB46
The peacock gold fly tying feathers a fancy feather that can brighten up any fly...
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