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Czech Nymphs

A range of Czech and Semtex fishing flies and trout flies. Czech Nymphs are tied to imitate fresh water shrimps or caseless larvae of Sedge flies which trout love to hunt and so Czech flies are a good addition to your fly box. 

Model: 105-FLYPATCH
These fly patches are fab for popping on your vest, complete with zinger so you can have your favourite flies handy! Here we have the fly patch complete with 16 Czech and SemtexChoice of sizes available Fly patch alone retails at £4.75 and can be purchased here. Fly Patch measure..
Ex Tax:£9.16
Model: DIY76
24 per boxed set4 x Black Czech Nymph4 x Olive Czech Nymph4 x Brown Czech Nymph4 x Mixed Colour Czech Nymph8 x Mixed Tungsten Czech NymphMixed 10-14 hook size  The slimline lock box measures 187mm x 102mm x 16mm ..
Ex Tax:£13.33
Model: NBX31
40 Czech Nymph, Mixed size and Colours 10 to 14, great Grayling FliesThe slimline lock box measures 187mm x 102mm x 16mm we retail these boxes at £7.99 so with the fly collection it makes them a great purchase...
Ex Tax:£17.49
Model: BFB2
Check out this amazing boxed set full of our favourite Buzzers Incuded are the following flies, mixed size 10/12/14 - 18 Tungsten Czech9 Coloured Czech9 Czech 9 Coloured Shrimp - Pink, Purple, Orange 9 Disco Shrimp, Goldhead and Unweighted 9 Goldhead Scud 9 Unweighted S..
Ex Tax:£25.83
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