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X Rib, mylar braid
-34 %
Model: CLEAR
X Rib is a very fine fly tying mylar piping comes in a choice of colours  and is supplied in 2.4metre lengths. X Rib is a super product for ribs on large saltwater and predator flies..
£0.99 £1.50
Ex Tax:£0.83
Seals Fur Substitute GREEN HIGHLANDER
-37 %
Model: SURP
A natural hair specialy selected by us for its Seal like qualities...
£1.25 £1.99
Ex Tax:£1.04
Micro Brite Dubbing Thread
-41 %
Model: EE5
The micro brite fly tying dubbing thread is a superb fine metallic chenille with many applications. A vibrant Fly Tying Chenille in a choice of colours Available in 2 sizes 2 Metres..
£1.29 £2.20
Ex Tax:£1.08
Duck Quills, Winging for Dries
-65 %
Model: H155
Duck quills in a range of colours traditional winging material for dry flies..
£1.49 £4.20
Ex Tax:£1.24
Goose Biot Strips - Veniard
-43 %
Model: CLEAR
Goose biot strips great are for cheeks when making buzzer fishing flies. Available as individual dyed colours or mixed assorted colours or mixed fluorescent colours. Great for cheeks on buzzers...
£1.49 £2.60
Ex Tax:£1.24
Goose Shoulder
-50 %
Model: J9
Goose shoulder feathers for fly tying, a soft feather available in Bleached White or Dyed. Please select below...
£1.49 £2.99
Ex Tax:£1.24
Model: W1
Antron Body Yarn is often used as a heavy shiny floss on larger trout flies or split for use on smaller fishing flies flies, a good versatile material Antron Body Yarn comes in a range of colours...
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: W5
This fly tying yarn is very popular for sight stumps, wings or tails.available in a choice of colours..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: TH17
Glo Brite Fly tying floss comes in 16 colours, 25 yard per spool, devised by Tom Saville it remains one of the most popular fly tying flosses on today's market...
Ex Tax:£1.33
Model: SILT
This Fly Tying Tubing is extra soft and pliable, this tubing has been specially manufactured for our tubes as flexible hook supports.This tubing can also be used on Waddington Shanks. Available in:packets of 35cmClear, Black, Dayglo Orange, Dayglo Yellow, Dayglo Green.     ..
Ex Tax:£1.33
Model: Q5
Sawyers Bug replica developed for us in Germany. As close to the original sawyers nymph wool as possible...
Ex Tax:£1.42
Model: TH18
Glo Brite Multi Yarn for fly tying is available in 25 yard spools, The Original range devised by Tom Saville, great colour choice..
Ex Tax:£1.42
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