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Wallet Insert Bags for Leaders
2-3 Days
Model: SS19380b
Leader Wallet Insert Bags for 19380 ..
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: ML12-5X-1-DROP
A knotted, tapered leaders with tied droppers. ideal for lure, nymph or wet fly fishing,for trout.. With a stepped taper, these leaders turn over teams of flies neatly every time. 12FT..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: OO33
ML9-Monofilament Tapered Leader 9ft.Available in Camo or Clear ..
Ex Tax:£2.49
Model: 19060
A simple socket for fitting Snowbee wader studs. Makes life easy changing studs!..
Ex Tax:£3.33
Model: 735-MLC-T4
This range of Micro-Loop Connectors allows quick and easy attachment to fly lines. Made from a double layer of premium non-fraying braided monofilament nylon, with a thin wall and silicone sleeve to lock them in place...
Ex Tax:£3.74
Model: SFLD
Snowbee Fly Line Degreaser  is based on an industrial product used to remove greasy film on sheet metal. It highly effectively removes all traces of silicone or grease, allowing the fly line to cut quickly through the surface film. ..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Model: SS19444B/43B
Extra set of 6 insert bags for 19444 Saltwater Fly Wallet ..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Model: SLSK
A silicone-based fly line lubricant which reduces friction and resistance through the rings, allowing faster line speed at all times. Helps protect fly lines from damage and the effects of harmful chemicals. ..
Ex Tax:£4.16
Model: 19005
Neoprene Spool Tenders / Rod Straps. Packs of two. Size: 12”x ¾..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Model: OO35
Snowbee XS Plus Gold Super-Copolymer Line The number one choice for the most demanding angler XS-Plus Gold, provides maximum strength, without sacrificing the other features demanded by today’s discerning fly fisherman. This latest development in line technology is one of the most high-tech ..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Model: OO37
This line has been designed with finesse in mind, for the truly serious game angler. Treated to add natural green and brown colours to blend effortlessly with the environment. The knot and break strength exceeds all expectations and the stretch and suppleness provide a unique product, rarely ex..
Ex Tax:£4.99
Model: 19096
Easy fast access to your fishing flies, clips anywhere on your jacket so not taking up zinger apace, keep your favourites handy..
Ex Tax:£5.41
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