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Model: ZZ11
Mucilin Solid red A top quality solid paste water repellent, especially made for application to dry fly lines. Greatly aids flotation and preserves the finish, even with plastic coated lines. Apply with the soft felt pad or fingers, wiping away excess...
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Model: SH6
Mucilin Green is a solid paste designed to keep floating fly lines high floating and preserve them. Contains Silicone to further improve the line's floating..
Ex Tax:£2.08
Model: ZZ13
Quick Sink Mucilin. Mix with a tiny drop of water and apply with fingers or a felt pad..
Ex Tax:£2.17
Model: ZZ9
Dry Fly Brush from Mucilin is ideal for accurately applying floatant to those tricky parts on flies, from CDC wings to Dry Fly hackles...
Ex Tax:£2.91
Model: ZZ8
A handy little bottle with the brush application, slips easily into the pocket..
Ex Tax:£2.91
Model: ZZ10
A top quality Liquid water repellant, which has been specifically made for treating dry fliesSimply apply by spraying the fly so that it's treated and allow the solvent to evaporate...
Ex Tax:£5.83
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