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Goldhead Pheasant Tail

Goldhead Pheasant Tail
Goldhead Pheasant Tail
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Pheasant Tail Nymph flies are the popular fly choice for Rivers and Steams, they can be presented in a lot of ways but seem to have great results when allowed to sink close to the bottom then raised up gently to imitate the behaviour of a natural insect. Being a fly that represents a natural food to the trout it is interesting to see how we have developed so many variations over the years.

In streams and rivers, the Pheasant Tail can be presented below the surface if required, but it is at its most productive when allowed to sink close to the river bed on a dead drift and then gently raised in the water to imitate the behaviour of the natural insect.This behaviour of the fly stimulates trout to regard the fly as natural food, and to try to eat it, at which point the hook can be set. This technique has become known as the induced take, and the development of this technique may be considered to be as important as the development of the fly itself.

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