Article - Choosing a Fly Rod

Choosing a fly Rod can get rather confusing as there are so many out there with a huge range of prices. Tempting though it is to simply choose an expensive one and hope the reputation will put the right rod in your hands, there are a massive range on very affordable rods which will work equally well. I have never blamed a rod for not catching fish.

The most important choice is weight and length.

Length -
6 to 7'6 - small streams and neat waters
8'6 to 9' - larger bodys of waters, reservoirs etc
10' and over, Generally spey and switch rods
Line -
0 - 4 Small streams and tight narrow waters
4 - 6 Average for trout and grayling, medium waters
6 - 8 Larger waters and deep streams
8 - 10 - Salmon, Bass etc