Ogmore Angling Association (OAA) Junior Fishing Competition

On 3rd June 2018 we supported the Ogmore Angling Association Junior Fishing Competition where 15 children took part at the Dipping Bridge on the River Ogmore near Ewenny.

A total of 15 fish were caught including 3 eels. The overall winner was May Davies who caught 4 fish with an overall length of 48″. Second place when to Jessica Hewitt who caught 3 fish with an overall length of 35.5″ and Sam Ryan was awarded third place who cause 3 fish with a total length of 34″.

Congratulations to the winners!

Below are some pictures of the event.

The Environment Agency

The environment agency have just published their annual report if anyone is interested.

“Here at the Environment Agency we work tirelessly on your behalf to protect and improve fisheries and angling. We have officers around the country doing everything from restoring rivers to raising and stocking fish, to protecting fisheries and prosecuting polluters. We work to safeguard fishing in both the short and long term. We are pleased to announce that our latest annual report, which details all of our work from 2016 – 2017, has now been published. The report helps to explain what we do and how we spend your fishing licence money.”


Some fantastic catches from all over the UK and Ireland!

Wow some excellent catches from our customers! Think you have a better one? Email it to us on sales@troutflies.co.uk and we may feature you in our gallery!


What a Beauty!

What do fishery bailiffs do in the close season. Apart from working around the fishery, the go fishing of course. See attached photo of Ted (Bailiff at Summerfield’s fly fishery) with his prize Salmon from Palm Springs. One of 20 fish caught between ted & three friends on a day out in December.














Dropshotting with Flies, by Anthony Wood


If you have followed my pages you will have seen that last year I caught some perch using flies that had been specifically tied for using on the dropshot.

Recently I was reading an issue of Anglers Mail and lo and behold there was an article on fishing the dropshot using flies, also before someone comes out with horrible comments I’m not saying someone copied me or even that I came up with the idea as I’m fully aware it has been used many many times before I used it. The article did however rekindle my interest in using flies on the dropshot.

I have been looking at a company called ‘Trout Flies UK’ a lot lately as I am thinking more and more about learning to fly fish as it is the only style of fishing I haven’t done yet. It is a family run business and they produce some brilliant looking trout flies such as the damsels which I thought would be absolutely perfect for dropshotting as well as fly fishing.

Looking on their website I found ’24 damsel flies in a water tight trout box’ (boxed damsel-trout-fishing-flies) which looked absolutely perfect for the job and at only £12.99 for 24 flies and the box I thought it was a bargain. Having got in touch with the company they were extremely helpful and also recommended trying some of the hothead flies that they make as well.

So now I knew what flies to get and waited for them to arrive. The package arrived really quickly and upon opening I was extremely surprised at the superb quality of not only the trout box but the craftsmanship of the flies. Considering the price of these flies the quality is simply stunning, after taking out the cost of the trout box (£6.99) the damsels work out at just 25 pence each!!!!!

If you run out of flies the box will also be highly useful for storing jigheads in too.

Okay so I don’t have the right tackle yet for fly fishing so these flies were destined to be used on the dropshot. I tied a couple of the colours on and I was going to start with a yellow, then changed my mind to a hothead, then an orange, finally settling back on the yellow.

The weekend I was fishing arrived and if I’m honest I didn’t hold out much hope as it had been seriously raining the day before and the canal I was fishing with some friends was highly coloured (I couldn’t see the lures/flies under 1″ of water) and carrying some extra water.

I started out with the yellow fly on the dropshot but due to the colour of the water didn’t get any bites. I moved onto some of my soft Relax Lures and managed five perch but I still really wanted to get a fish on these damsel flies.

About half way through the day I found some water that was a bit clearer so I put an orange damsel on and cast out my dropshot rig.

Within a couple of gentle twitches my rod hooped over and line started coming off my reel, either this was a good sized perch or I’d managed to hook a jack pike.

After a few minutes of reeling in and then losing line when the fish did a run I had a nice little jack pike in my net.

As the wind picked up and the rain started again the fish turned off and I didn’t get any more fish for the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the company, I proved to myself that I can catch fish on these brilliant flies from Trout Flies UK and I will definitely be using them again.

I also tied up a split shot rig and a carolina rig but didn’t think the conditions were suitable for that rig so will try that at a later stage.




You can find out more about the flies from Trout Flies UK via these links.

Website: www.troutflies.co.uk
Facebook: /TroutfliesUK
Twitter: @TroutfliesUK

Competition Winners

Here we havePicture1 the winners of the friendly catch and return at Summerfields Trout Fishery in Luton

They were issued with Damsels, Buzzers and Gnats from our Fly Collection by organiser Ted Leather .

With 29 Entrys 49 fish were caught.


Winning Black Lumi Zonkers

The lumi zonker flies are one of our top selling trout flies and Paul Kay from Ireland has promoted their quality’s by winning the Rathcon Winter League Final using these beauties!

ebay lumi zonker

The Rathcon Winter League final was held Sunday 09 March. 13 anglers fished the event and landed 26 fish over the 4hrs. It was a tough but fair final with a strong westerly wind making conditions pretty testing.




Congratulations to the following prize winnerspaul kay

  • 1st Paul Kay – 5 fish
  • 2nd Noel Bennett – 4 fish
  • 3rd Dave McBride – 3 fish
  • 4th Carl Owens – 3 fish
  • 5th Garrett Byrne – 2 fish

Another Pike on the Fly

Paul Unsworth is a regular customer here at Troutflies and purchases his fly tying materials from us. He has happily passed over some images of his latest catch from Itchen House Fishery.

Paul was using a classic style Salmon Fly and was rewarded with a 35lb 3oz Pike ! Nice one Paul !

paul uns

Troutflies Customers

I guess to many people we are just a webpage that you browse, shop, place an order and it arrives generally the next day.

But just occasionally we email or speak to people on a regular basis working to get them the right patterns made to spec, or generally just helpful advise.

One such customer is Mr T Johns who has been a long term customer and indeed one of his flies – Toms Choice has become a top seller on our site. He recently shared with us some pictures which he gladly gave us permission to share with customers. If tou have any pictures you would like to share with us please feel free to email them to us.

This one is his largest fish at 11lb 11oz

toms 11lb11oz trout







This one is a recent catch at Larners Lake

Tom at Larners - Pic 1

Pike Fly Fishing

Catching a pike, one of the largest predator fish is a challenge all of us fishermen want to achieve at one point. For some its a tick box, for others its a lifetime challenge pursuing these magnificent beasts.

Jerk Bait, Lures, big spoons, and of course deadbait have to be what most of us associate with pike fishing,  but the more modern method of catching them fast and friendly has to be with the Pike Flies. Doing away with the treble hooks which can cause damage and a simple pattern on a single hook has to be not only a better option for the pike, but boy is it good fun !

We have a great Range of Pike Flies for you to have a go with.

Let us know how you get on, and send us your pictures!



Reminder: Don’t miss out on this unusual art exhibition!

Regular readers of our blog will remember that we posted about Linton Meagher’s exciting and unusual art exhibition Pursuits: The MacNab Challenge last week. Linton creates sculptures by using materials taken out of their usual context – including fish sculptures crafted from fishing flies supplied by Troutflies UK – to tell a story inspired by the book John MacNab by John Buchan, in which the protagonist has to catch a salmon on the fly, bag a brace of grouse and stalk a stag all in a single day.


The exhibition opened today (Monday October 21st) at Gallery 8, Duke Street St James, London, and runs until Sunday 27 October 2013, so we thought it would be a good idea to remind all our readers who are able to get to it not to miss out on what is sure to be an engrossing and thought-provoking exhibition for fans of game sports – not least because you might bump into certain members of the Troutflies UK team in person as you peruse the exhibits!

The exhibition is hosted by art curators COMODAA. Based in Sydney and London, COMODAA’s remit is to introduce Australian contemporary art to markets beyond its borders, showcasing to the world that Australian art is more than what is widely believed to be indigenous work. In 2014, COMODAA aims to reciprocate the initiative and introduce British contemporary art down under.


For enquiries about the works and further details about the forthcoming exhibition including invitations to the private view, please contact Toby White at toby.white@comodaa.com or call on +44 (0)7790 005 416.

You can find out more about artist Linton Meagher – and view more of his stunning work – at his official website. The images used in this post are all copyright of Linton Meagher.