Pike Flies

Pike flies are becoming a more and more popular way of catching the big predator pike fish. Obviously the common way known to try catch these elusive part time feeders is with lures or bait fish, the latter trying to mimic their diet. However, apart from the obvious success anglers are having catching pike with files we need to look at why they do actually work. Pike flies are generally bushy and colourful creations, research seems to show that the pike will take them out of either hunger or general interest. Pike can't actually pick them up, have a feel see if it looks appetising, they only have the ability to make a decision and say, "well that looks an easy lunch!" So here we have a selection of colourful patterns for you to try on the pike. Let us know how you get on with them.
Matt Hayes recomendations:
Nine feet, 7 weight (9 #7): perfect for jacks and low doubles of drains, canals and small lakes. Will cast smaller flies up to 4 inches (10 cm) long.

Nine feet, eight weight (9 #8): a good choice for many styles of pike fishing. Will cast flies up to 6 inches (15cm).

Nine feet, 9 weight (9 #9): all round fly rod to cope with pike of all sizes. This outfit can cast flies as long as 8 inches (20cm) as long as they are not too bulky.

Nine feet, 10 weight (9 #10): used for big pike on trout reservoirs when casting big, bulky flies up to 12 inches (30cm).

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