Wooly Bugger

  • The Woolly Bugger has to be one of the most versatile and productive trout flies around.  Our wooly bugger flies are tied with a marabou tail and a flash for added sparkle. The marabou tail and in most cases a palmered body suggest succulent lava, tadpoles or leeches. Drag the wooly bugger flies across the current in front of some trout and this fly becomes a killer. We have added additional flash to improve their performance. From experience it helps catch the eye of a predatory trout or salmon when the flash in the tail reflects a quick glint of sunlight as the marabou tail moves through the water. The Goldhead Wooly Bugger trout fly is a great modern streamer pattern and is available in 3 colours, the olive wooly bugger fly can be a good choice as a damsel.