Hothead Hares Ear - Orange

Hothead Hares Ear - Orange
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Hares Ear Nymph Trout Flies have to be the most recognised trout flies. Hares Ear Nymphs generally work all year round even when there is no sign of a hatch the hares ear nymphs just get the trout to strike. As the Hares Ear Nymph Flies represent almost all of the nymphs in the trouts diet. The Goldhead Hares Ears Nymphs work as the main bait. Never be without at least a few hares ear nymph flies in your fly box. Check out our variety pack selection as there are a few variations of the hares ear nymphs in handy packs. The Flash hares Ear flies have an extra kick to attract the trout.

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Anonymous, Rated: 5

Love it!

This is quickly becoming my favorite fly. It has attracted takes from many small fish when I would have otherwise blanked. Change to something else - no takes, put this back on - takes. Looking forward to seeing how it fares when conditions improve and the big fish wake up.

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