CDC F Fly - Black

CDC F Fly - Black
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The CDC F Flies are deadly in the summer these little black cdc F Flys are a very popular seller.
The F fly can be used when buzzers are hatching and it fishes in the film as an emerger. The cdc feathers being naturally oily hold the fly in the film and the fish will usually sip them in. Fish the fly static and do not attempt to put any floatant on the fly . The only drawback is that after a fish has been caught the fly must be changed and allowed to dry before using again. When the fish are on it you get through plenty of flies !! In larger sizes the olive version can be very effective during hatches of olives. The fly can fish very well on mild winter days when there are nearly always some buzzers hatching and locally a black version in size 18 can perform very well in winter for those anglers willing to try the floating line. On the rivers the fly is a good one to try when fish are rising but you are not certain what exactly they want. Experiment with sizes and colours until you find the right combination. Do not allow to drag or else the fly will become water logged although it can still take fish beneath the surface !

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peter chapman, Rated: 5

Deadly in summer

I have been using these alot this summer on calm days they are excellent in smaller sizes i've even caught rudd, perch and golden orfe on them.When retrieving to recast strip them quite fast often you will see a bow wave following before the rod nearly gets pulled out of your hands.

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