Pheasant Tail Nymph

Pheasant Tail Nymph
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The Pheasant tail nymph has to be one of our best selling trout flies. The pheasant tail is considered by many to be one of the most effective patterns ever designed. Conceived by Frank Sawyer (1907 - 1980) who was a noted angler and river keeper on the Hampshire Avon the Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly can imitate a wide range of aquatic fauna and has over the years established it's effectiveness. Any insect eating species will have a go at the fly they are a general representation of the nymphs the trout will feed on. Pheasant Tail Nymph flies over the year have developed with many varieties available, the pheasant tail trout flies now come in hotheads, of course the gold head pheasant tail flies are one of the popular ones, but do try the pearly pheasant tail nymphs or indeed the flash back ones. There are also pheasant tail nymphs in orange and yellow! We have a range of pheasant tail trout flies in our variety packs for ease of purchase. Combined packs are available with the hares ear nymph Flies.

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